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frequently asked questions

An online gift registry is a personalized way of communicating your gift preferences. Partnering up with an online marketplace or retail store is a hassle-free way for guests to buy gifts for celebrants, like you.

If you want to streamline the process of receiving gifts (and make gift shopping more convenient for your guests, too), an online gift registry is for you.

You won’t have to worry about getting the same present twice or receiving something you don’t like. Your friends even have the option to collaborate on what they want to buy for you. It’s a simplified way of giving and receiving gifts, so you can focus on having fun on your special day.

STEP ONE: SIGN UP Create your registry online using our tool. Choose which type of event you’re having, fill in the necessary details, and you’re in!

STEP TWO: PERSONALIZE YOUR ONLINE REGISTRY PAGE Upload a profile photo and cover photo to reflect your event’s theme. For instance, if you’re having a rustic wedding, you can use earth tones and maybe a preview of your wedding elements. The possibilities are endless!

STEP THREE: ADD ITEMS You can choose from different item categories and browse for the items you want to add to your online registry. You can even tag expensive items as group gifts or create a cash fund page for your upcoming honeymoon or vacation. It’s up to you!

STEP FOUR: Spread the word From your online registry page or dashboard, you can share your online registry URL via social media or email, so your guests can check it out.

STEP FIVE: ENJOY THE CELEBRATION You’re all done! Just wait for your gifts to arrive—you’ll receive an email confirmation once someone purchases a gift for you.

Taking on your online registry can be an overwhelming task! We have the following tools to help it become a breeze for you.

ULTIMATE REGISTRY CHECKLIST: Not sure what you want to put in your online registry? We’ve got your back! Birch has put up a comprehensive Registry Checklist for those who want to cover all their bases. We also have a printable checklist version that you can download any time.

REGISTRY GUIDE: For couples and homeowners who want to browse our collections based on your interests, check out our Registry Guide. Whether you’re a coffee lover or a photographer, we curated items we’re sure you’ll love.

SAMPLE REGISTRIES: Need inspiration? Take a look at some completed registries to give you the creative nudge to start building your own!

REGISTRY CONCIERGE: Our friendly registry concierge Billie is always happy to assist you! You may reach us via mobile 09177-BIRCH or send us an email at [email protected]

As the product assortment of Birch centers on Home & Living, it may also be used for housewarming parties, should one wish to do so. We’re proud of the selection of items we carry here that can spruce a home, as well as the flexible gift items that can make newlyweds happy!

Nope! With the same e-mail address, you can manage multiple online registries and fix them all in one place. That’s convenience at its finest.

All online registries are automatically published live three (3) months before the event date. However, putting an online registry on private will require your guests to enter a password before accessing your registry page. If you prefer this option, kindly send us your request at [email protected]

Birch offers a powerhouse assortment, combining both globally-renowned brands and stellar local products. All products have been carefully curated and grouped into easy-to-understand Home & Living categories for a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

Don’t forget the ability to request cash funds. That could contribute to a dream vacation destination you’ve wanted to go to, for example!

We can’t guarantee it, but we’ll do our best to work our magic and make this happen for you. Kindly shoot us an email using the subject “ADD TO MY REGISTRY” at [email protected] with the links of the items you want to be included.

One of the best feelings in life is coming home to a gift. What more if they are a pile of presents! To make this a reality for you, we offer gift consolidation services FOR FREE. We will deliver your gifts all at the same time, within seven (7) days from the date of your event. Our online registry concierge shall get in touch with you to set a schedule that works best for you.

Unfortunately, due to logistical challenges, we only ship within Metro Manila. However, this should not stop you from enjoying our online registry services.

We discourage shipping to an event venue other than your home address to prevent the risk of losses and damage to your items. Don’t worry though; we’re sure that you’ll have a lot of fun unwrapping them at home once it arrives!

Not signing up for an online registry? That’s alright—you can shop for yourself on Birch even if you don’t have an event!

Birch has a lot of fun features registrants are sure to enjoy. The following features make our online registry stand out from the rest.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: An idea struck you in the middle of the night? Add it to your online registry! Log-in and access your account anytime, anywhere.

SHOP ABROAD: International gift options are made available through exclusive partnerships with couriers. Go ahead and add gifts you can’t get locally.

GROUP GIFTING: Sometimes, pretty things come with an expensive price tag. Say goodbye to guilt by tagging those items as a Group Gift. Your friends will able to chip in and contribute to getting you an item. The result: You get a dream item on your online registry.

CASH FUNDS: Think of it as a fundraising page for something you want to get eventually. It could be flight tickets to a fabulous destination or your honeymoon fund. Your guests will be able to chip in any amount they wish so you can get closer to your goal!

PERSONALIZATION: Customize your page and infuse elements of your celebration.

GIFT EXCHANGE: We understand that sometimes, what you receive may not live up to your expectations. Exchange your gifts online at no hassle with our online registry tool.

LOW CASH FEES: Get more value for your money with the lowest cash fee in the industry.

INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE: Have family and friends from abroad who want to shop gifts for you? It’s possible!

SAY THANK YOU: Show your appreciation to your guests by sending them online thank you notes straight from your dashboard.

10% COMPLETION DISCOUNT: Did you see something else you like? Enjoy a 10% discount valid for up to three (3) months after your event. Brand exclusions apply.

Be inspired by the wide selection of items you can include on your registry!

Birch allows you to manage multiple online registries with one account, but they cannot be active at the same time. To set the default, go to MY GIFT REGISTRIES and choose which event you’ll be adding gifts to. If you fail to pick a default online registry, the event with the soonest date will automatically become your default online registry.

All items you pick will fall under the default event until you change the setting again.

Here comes the fun part! You can add gifts to your online registry by browsing our online catalog. You can also perform quick searches to find what you’re looking for faster. Imagine yourself window shopping online. Exciting! There are categories at the top of the page to make browsing easier.

Don’t worry about adding the same items to your online registry. The ADD TO REGISTRY button will change to ADDED to remind you that it’s part of your roster already.

You certainly can. You can refine your online registry from your dashboard and delete items you don’t like anymore, even when your online registry is already live. However, once an item has been partially funded via a Group Gift or Cash Fund, it can no longer be removed.

All items are individual gifts by default. On your dashboard, choose YES under the “Tag as Group Gift?” option. This allows guests to contribute individually to a big-ticket gift.

Don’t fret! Birch will convert the accumulated cash value for that specific gift and give you a code you can apply during checkout so you can purchase the item for yourself. Additionally, the item you want to get will receive a 10% discount!

Birch has a list of activities you may want to choose for your cash fund. Just add a title, your target amount, and even include a description of what it’s for.

Your guests will be able to contribute in increments of P1000. Whether your guests don’t meet the amount or exceed it, you will be able to receive the total amount they funded for your cash fund.

Should you feel our list is lacking, please email us using the subject CREATE MY OWN FUND and send to [email protected]

Within two (2) days from the date of your event, we shall deposit it to the bank details you provided in your Account Information. In the meantime, you may keep track of all your cash gifts via the GIFTS RECEIVED tab within your Registry Dashboard.

The 6% is a combination of the bank processing fees plus a minimal fee of 1.5% to cover the miscellaneous expenses we incur in processing and depositing the money to your account/s. The fees we charge is what allows us to offer this add-on service, so we can help make your dream online registry come true.

It's super easy. You may send your online registry link directly to your guests via our sharing tool, or you may use your email. You may also opt to copy and paste the link on your Facebook event page if you have one.

If you are feeling shy, we would recommend sharing the link with members of your bridal party or wedding entourage and request them to spread the link on your behalf.

For individual gifts, head on over to your dashboard and request to exchange a specific item. You can manage all of them on the EXCHANGED GIFTS menu.

Can’t decide on what you want to exchange it with? That’s alright; you can convert the equivalent amount to Birch store credits and use it later!

It will be our little secret! Your decision to avail of an exchange will be kept private.

Yes, they will! All gifts from the online registry will be gift-wrapped and come with a gift card at no extra charge.

Don’t forget to give thanks! Birch has a Thank You program that can help you out with this. Personalize your note and send it via mobile or desktop.

STEP ONE: FIND A REGISTRY If you know someone who has an online gift registry with us, you may look them up on our home page. Under REGISTRY, click the option FIND A REGISTRY. Type down the couple’s name or the event celebrant. If the event celebrants gave you the URL of their online registry, you can access that directly.

STEP TWO: BROWSE AROUND THE REGISTRY PAGE Choose which gift you want to give them by going through the sections: INDIVIDUAL GIFTS, GROUP GIFTS, and CASH FUNDS.

STEP THREE: ADD TO CART Once you’ve found the perfect item to gift, you can add it to your cart. It works like an online shop, but you’re shopping for someone else! Contributions for Group Gifts and Cash Funds also go to your cart.

STEP FOUR: GO TO SHOPPING BAG It’s time to review what you’re buying! You can also remove items you don’t want to get in this page.

STEP FIVE: CHECKOUT Proceed to pay for the items you wish to give to the event celebrants. You’ll receive an email confirmation indicating the success of your purchase! Just browsing? You can buy items for yourself on Birch too, just like a regular online shop!

There’s no need to sign up. After you’re done picking out a gift for the celebrant(s), you’ll fill up your details during checkout. That’s how the registrant will know that you were the one who gave them your gift!

The event celebrant has chosen some items that they have opened for group gifting, which means pitching in to fulfill the total amount of a big-ticket item. You’ll be able to see gifts tagged as such in the GROUP GIFTS section of the online registry page. You can fund each item for a minimum of P500 and in increasing increments of P500 only. We will process the payment during checkout.

Of course! If you want to buy the item for the celebrant, you can purchase it the same way you will a regular item.

The celebrant will receive the total cash value that all the guests chipped in for that gift. Rest easy knowing that your friend will get their gift from you!

Similar to group gifting, this is funding an intangible gift, like plane tickets or deluxe hotel accommodations. The goal is to help the newlyweds or event celebrant get one step closer to their dream purchase!

The minimum amount to pitch in for cash funds is P1000 and in increasing increments of P1000.

To streamline the consolidation of the gifts, we kindly ask that you only shop for one online registry at a time. This also means that you cannot add your personal items while paying for gifts of a registrant.

Payment needs to be completed for one celebrant or online registry before you proceed to purchase a gift for another celebrant. This will help us determine which gift is for whom, and ensure the correct delivery of your presents!

We honor the following payment methods:

● Birch Store Credits

● BancNet

● DragonPay

● PayPal

● GCash

● 7 Connect

● EC Pay

● M Lhuillier

● BDO Bank Deposit

● PNB Bank Deposit

● Unionbank Bank Deposit

Of course! Just send us a screenshot of your deposit, and we will process your payment like a regular bank deposit.

It’s just like online shopping! You will receive an email detailing your purchase after completing the checkout process. It will serve as your proof of payment.

We value the safety of your data. Birch has an SSL certificate and adheres to the Data Privacy Act and uses encryption to make sure all fund transfers are 100% secure. We don’t tolerate fraud.

Just sit back and relax! Birch has partnered with reliable and professional couriers who will handle all shipping and delivery work for you.

This varies depending on the weighted dimensions of the gift. Naturally, the bigger and heavier the item, the higher the fees. This is automatically calculated and charged to giver upon checkout.

We will consolidate all of the registrant’s gifts and ship them all at the same time, which is seven (7) days after the event. But don’t worry -- they will be notified of your gift the moment you buy it!

You bet it will! The recipient will surely appreciate the handiwork of our team in making sure the gifts look as pretty as possible.

Personalization options are available. Just write your note on the GIFT MESSAGE section at checkout, and we’ll include it.

Physical gifts will have note cards. If your gift is in the form of a Group Gift or Cash Fund, we will send the note electronically.

All purchased products are considered fulfilled after checkout. If you need to cancel it, kindly contact us at [email protected] within 24 hours. We’ll do our best to rectify the situation!

Yes! So, if something caught your eye while shopping for your friend’s wedding or housewarming party, know that you can also buy the same thing for yourself if you want to! But as mentioned, you need to complete the purchase one at a time to avoid any confusion as to which item is for whom.

Birch is always here to assist you! You may reach us using the following portals:

● Landline: (02) 217 8856

● Mobile: 09177-BIRCH

● Email: [email protected]