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Ocean Glassware

Sante Red Wine 15 oz. Set of 6

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₱ 1,378.50

Quick Overview

Capacity: 15 oz. (420 ml)
Top Diameter: 6.1 cm
Foot Diameter 7 cm
Middle Diameter: 8.5 cm
Height: 22.5 cm
Set of 6 Ocean Sante Red Wine
Made from Sand Clearest Soda Lime Glass
Resistance to Sudden Temperature Change
Dishwasher Safe
Ideal for Occasion and Parties

Tags: Ocean Glassware
1-3 DAYS



Additional Information

Description Introducing Ocean Sante Red Wine. Sante wine glasses share the same cheerful and glamurous attitude. The perfect combination of modernity and functionality which creates the most fulfilling wining & dining experience for every upscale gathering. With its premium fine rim and unique angular bowl shape. Sante reunites modernity with timeless elegance, adding an exquisite and refined touch to an upscale table setting. It is the superb harmony for uplifting the drink presentation and creating the most fulfilling wining enjoyment in every special occasion. The specially designed angular bowl shape not only serves as a visual cue for optimum wine volume control but also satisfies the need for higher volume of drink presentation. This perfect shape enhances value appreciation for guests and provides an extra benefit for operators. The inspiring slender stem shape perfectly reduces breakage rate on the stem. Sante series is the ideal solution for cost savings.
SKU 1026R15
Size Details Top Diameter: 6.1 cm Foot Diameter 7 cm Middle Diameter: 8.5 cm Height: 22.5 cm
Brand Ocean Glassware
Color Description Transparent
Materials Made from Sand Clearest Soda Lime Glass
Care Instructions 1. Wash with warm water. Detergent and glass cleaner should not be used. 2. Leave glasses to drain for a while on a linen towel. 3. Steam glasses over boiling water for superior shine. 4. Use 2 micro-fiber crystal towels for polishing. Hold glass by base to polish the base. 5. Use left hand to cradle the bowl and polish it with your right hand. Never twist the base and bowl as this could lead to breakage 6. Your hands must always be clean. Keep paper towels within easy reach to encourage cleaning them. 7. Avoid breathing on the glass throughout the cleaning process. 8. Enjoy superb results!
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